Dragged Under is a brand new heavy metal band forming out of Seattle with some familiar faces. The band consists of Ryan “Fluff” Bruce (known often as Riffs, Beards & Gear), Tony Cappocchi, and Josh Wildhorn following the breakup of their earlier project, Rest, Repose. While that project leaned towards the alternative rock genre, Dragged Under‘s first singles have come out swinging with a much more unapologetic, in-your-face sound.

“Hypochondia” is a potent example of the new direction that the members of Dragged Under have taken with their music. The track jumps straight into heavy, chugging riffs played on dueling Ernie Ball Music Man Valentine guitars. Be sure to stick around for the breakdown about halfway through the song.

If you want to see more of Dragged Under with your own two eyes, be sure to keep an lookout for concert dates near you on their official page.

Guitars & Strings

In the video, you can spot Fluff’s one-of-a-kind Ernie Ball Music Man Buckeye Burl Valentine. You can also see Josh on his Buttermilk Valentine throughout the video. When it comes to strings, Fluff has tried them all. You can check out his video breaking down the Ernie Ball string gauges and why he chooses to build a custom set using Ernie Ball .011-.060 individual strings below.

Listen to Dragged Under


*** Featured Image Credit: Dragged Under

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