Vans Warped Tour 2018 is in Texas for the week! After the Houston event, it will be heading up the East Coast starting in Virginia. Ernie Ball Music Man will be capturing all of the awesome highlights with our artists throughout the entire tour. This week, we caught up with Chelsea Grin, proud members of our Artist Family, to see how they were fairing with their entirely Music Man arsenal of instruments. Take some time and read what Stephen has to say below in our exclusive interview. Stay plugged into the Music Man blog and on our Instagram channel for exclusive behind-the-scenes stories and highlights from your favorite Ernie Ball Music Man artists.


Q&A: Stephen Rutishauser from Chelsea Grin

At Warped Tour Salt Lake City, we caught up with Stephen of Chelsea Grin for an exclusive Q&A.

EB: Do you remember your first Music Man/ When you got it?

Stephen Rutishauser: “I discovered Music Man a while ago just seeing some of my favorite artists play it. Then, I had an opportunity to work for Chelsea Grin as their Guitar Tech for a while, and I quickly realized there is no better-built guitar, no better sounding guitar, and they can withstand touring like none other. Basically working on them, I realized how much I loved them!

EB: What is guitar playing to you and what inspires you to write songs?

Stephen Rutishauser: “Most of the inspiration behind the music mostly comes from the headspace that I am in or that the band is in. It’s all very empathetic and emotional. I recognize different guitars help me write different things. I also noticed that with all the Ernie Ball [Music Mans] I’ve ever played it kinda comes seamlessly, fluidly, and you can’t help but riff on them. So emotions and good guitars basically! That’s how I write.”

EB: Can you take us through a few different guitars you are using on this tour?

Stephen Rutishauser: “Sure! This is my first JP13 Music Man Guitar. I have it in the gold finish, it’s one of my oldest guitars. Thing is a total tank and I love it! I’ve never had to set it up since I got it the first time, which is insane. I also just got this new JP13 for Warped Tour. It has the JP15 neck on it so it’s roasted birdseye maple along with a standard JP13 body. I got this one in a Root Beer finish and it’s my favorite one so far. The fastest, nastiest neck I’ve ever touched. I can’t help but riff on it!


Chelsea Grin Play Ernie Ball Music Man

David Flinn plays with a Music Man Stingray 5 Bass and a Music Man Bongo!


Stephen Rutishauser plays with JP13’s! However, one of his guitars has the neck of a JP15.


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