NAMM 2018 is officially in full swing and Ernie Ball Music Man kicked off the week with some amazing artist performances and special appearances. Take an inside look at the show from day 1 and make sure to follow along on our social media platforms all weekend long.

Day 1 started out with an announcement of the new 2018 StingRay 4 & 5 Bass with a special interview with Sterling Ball himself. Hear what our CEO had to say about the new cutting edge instrument and why it’s bound to be one of the most coveted basses released this year.

Ryan ‘Fluff’ Bruce came by and shot for a full tour of the Ernie Ball and Ernie Ball Music Man booth. Showing off all of the new instruments for 2018. From there, Ernie Ball Music Man artist Jason Richardson had a Q&A interview with Fluff. Fluff asked Jason questions about what inspires him and some also some music tips for his fans. Jason plays the JP7 Monarchy Majesty guitar.

Ernie Ball Music Man artist and Youtube phenom, FamilyJules came by the booth for an exclusive booth tour and demo/playthrough for his fans on the NAMM booth stage.  Check out his recap here:

Guitar legend and longtime Ernie Ball Music Man bassist, Tony Levin demo’d the new 2018 StingRay Bass collection. Check out the awesome demo and playthrough with Sterling Ball.

Ayla Tesler-Mabe from Calpurnia stopped by the Ernie Ball Music Man booth to check out the new signature Valentine guitar.

Young bassist phenom Gabriel Severn put on an epic show demoing the new 2018 Ernie Ball Music Man StingRay 5.

Steve Morse had an astonishing performance on the Ernie Ball Music Man stage jamming out to his classic tracks with his signature Morse guitar.

From there, Steve Morse brought up Sterling Ball, Albert Lee, John Ferraro, and Dave Marotta, as they celebrated the Mutual Admiration Society album which shot up to #1 on iTunes and Amazon Music after the first day it was released. Download the album wherever you get your music.

**Pictured: Dave Moratta on StingRay 5, Albert Lee on his signature guitar, and Sterling on a 6 string Silhouette bass.

Ernie Ball Music Man guitarist, Nick Depirro from progressive rock band, Night Versus put on a masterly performance, playing with the new JP15 in the gorgeous Flame Top color.

At the end of day 1, producer and musician Randy Jackson stopped by for a surprise guest appearance at the end of the day to check out the gorgeous new 2018 StingRay 4 guitar.

We also had some great coverage from our friends in the editorial community.

GAK came by to check out the new instrument releases before heading out to NAMM:

Guitar World also came by the booth to talk about the new StingRay Bass:

Long & McQuade came by the booth to speak with us about our new 2018 St. Vincent:

the new 2018 StingRay Basses:

the Cutlass guitar:

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