This week at The 2018 Vans Warped Tour, we caught up with Ernie Ball and Ernie Ball Music Man artist family members, MYCHILDREN MYBRIDE. Guitarists Cory Johnson and Robert Bloomfield joined us for an exclusive interview to talk about their Ernie Ball Music Man Silhouette Bass 6 Guitars. The Ernie Ball Music Man Silhouette Bass Guitar can pair with the Ernie Ball Baritone 6-String set or our 6-String Bass Guitar Slinky Set.

Find out what Cory and Robert had to say in our Q&A about their current gear. Stay plugged into the Music Man blog and our Instagram account for exclusive behind-the-scenes stories and highlights from your favorite Ernie Ball Music Man artists throughout the entire tour.

Q&A: Robert Bloomfield and Cory Johnson from MYCHILDREN MYBRIDE

EB: Can you take us through a couple of different instruments you are using on this tour?

Cory Johnson: “We’re out here on the Warped Tour playing my Ernie Ball Music Man Silhouette Bass Guitar.

Robert Bloomfield: “I’m playing my favorite guitar, my Ernie Ball Music Man Bass 6.”

EB: What are your favorite things about these guitars?

Cory Johnson: “One thing I like about the Bass 6 is that we are able to tune in E over E, which is really low. But you still get that nice slinky tension on the strings and it just sounds great.”

Robert Bloomfield: “One of my favorite things about the guitar, besides the way it looks, is that it holds an E tuning that you can really dig into. Rather than playing an 8-string and having to deal with such bulky big guitars, it keeps it the same size as your average six string and allows you to really dig into it.

EB: What kind of build did you choose for these instruments?

Cory Johnson: “I chose the Roasted Maple Neck because it’s just gorgeous. I really like the striping down the back of the neck. I’m really happy with how it looks and plays. It sounds great, looks great, and it’s awesome.”

Robert Bloomfield: “I chose the Maple Neck with the Ebony fretboard so it goes with the look on the dark charcoal body. I think it blends well. As well as the inlays here, you can see it’s a nice added touch.”

Cory Johnson: “I went with the Vintage Turquoise finish. It’s amazing and matches my turquoise ring. I just love the way it looks.”

Robert Bloom: “I chose the Charcoal Frost finish because I don’t really like black everything. This color kind of situates the dark vibe, but also matches my previous guitars which are more of a smokey grey color. I added sparkle to it too, which is phenomenal to me.”

EB: Anything you want to say to your fans?

Cory Johnson: “Thanks for checking out our guitars everyone, come to see us on the Vans Warped Tour for the rest of the Summer!”

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