“Why hasn’t anyone optimized a guitar like this before?” – Nerdist

Unique Design

In 2015, St. Vincent and Ernie Ball Music Man set out to create a new kind of signature guitar, one designed from scratch and built around the specific needs of its namesake artist. What started out as a rough sketch by Annie Clark herself ultimately became our St. Vincent signature guitar, which will be officially released on March 1st, at Music-Man.com.

Annie is thrilled with the final design and says, “I’m glad that that exists and I hope that people will enjoy…that men and women will enjoy the ergonomics.”

Upworthy agrees. It’s a new shape, a new design, and a new set of solutions for guitar players who’d been previously ignored by the industry. It doesn’t need to come in pink to be a women’s guitar, and it doesn’t need to take classic shape to be a men’s instrument. It just is, and that’s pretty cool. Maybe that’s what the world needs more of.”

But How Does It Sound?

STV black
“The musician who has taken home Grammys and collaborated with David Byrne… is now making a leap for music technology that someone should have facilitated a long time ago.” – Inverse

While its unique body design is attracting lots of attention from mainstream news outlets like Esquire and Mashable, the St. Vincent has also earned rave reviews from respected industry publications for its sound and playability.

Premier Guitar awarded the axe its prestigious “Premier Gear” award, and said, “Its superb ergonomics are perfect for players seeking a big-guitar sound from a light, lean-bodied instrument. The build quality is excellent. Three mini-humbuckers and unconventional wiring provide many distinctive tones, all of which benefit from the guitar’s fine intonation and great natural sustain.”

Guitar World agrees. “With its slim and tapered waist, stylishly retro design and instantly playable feel, the Ernie Ball Music Man St. Vincent model is a thoroughly unique instrument. It’s a big win for Ernie Ball and an even bigger win for Clarke’s many fans and acolytes.”

Hear It In Action

Ultimately, St. Vincent and Ernie Ball Music Man set out to build a guitar for her unique body, and the result is a great-sounding and versatile instrument which may be especially interesting to those who aren’t “otherwise aren’t catered to by the average guitar design” (Mental Floss).

Watch reviews and demoes of the St. Vincent guitar below and head to our website for information about pre-ordering: http://musc.mn/1PXjBvD

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  1. The design team missed the opportunity to REALLY do this one right… The headstock doesn’t work well aesthetically. Look at a Gibson Flying V or a Fender Swinger. The design of the St. Vincent headstock should have lines that reflect the lines of the body.

  2. This is a cool shape, I heard it was designed for females, so it makes sense its got a masculine shape with squared body like broad shoulders where the les Paul has sexy curves this one has manly squares. Aside from that I think its a cool new unique shape to a guitar.

    1. It’s not “manly squares”, it’s just a modern shape.

  3. Just got my new St. Vincent guitar – love it! Instantly playable and the neck is a joy to noodle on. Love the color, shape, and light weight. Hardly a woman’s axe – anyone with just a touch of soul in their music will instantly recognize how enjoyable this guitar is to play.

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