Fit For A King has been exploring the heavy side of the human condition since 2013, boasting a heavy metal-core sound layered with melodic hooks and dark vulnerability. With three successful releases, predating 2018’s Dark Skies, Fit For A King has proven to be a consistent producer of hard rock and metal music, touring with other Ernie Ball artists such as Attila and Beartooth in the last five years. Fit For A King will be hitting the road in early 2019, so get your tickets now before they sell out.

Recently, we caught up with bassist Ryan O’Leary to discuss his history with Music Man, and why he chooses to use the Cutlass Bass night in and night out.



Q&A: Ryan O’Leary From Fit For A King

MM: About how long have you been playing Music Man basses? What initially drew you to play Music Man?

RO: I’ve been playing Music Man basses for three and half years now. The first time I saw Circa Survive, their bassist had this turquoise StingRay and the best tone. I was instantly sold. I used to sit on the site and think of my dream bass – now I have a few.

MM: How does this Cutlass Bass compare to other models, including your other MM?

RO: The biggest difference is active versus passive. I’m loving the passive split humbucker. It’s very versatile; I can get it super dirty for Fit For A King or the perfect round punch for my other softer project, Off Road Minivan.

MM: What are some of the aspects you noticed you liked when you tried it?

RO: It’s more lightweight and has a thinner neck. I have small hands so I felt like I could play faster on the Cutlass.

MM: Can you describe your sound/music style and how the Cutlass helps you get there.

RO: My primary project is a heavy, metal-core sound. Lots of chugs and a loud, overdriven tone. P-bass style guitars have always played well with punk/heavy music. It’s enough dirt but lets you keep the clarity. Teamed up with my Darkglass Alpha Omega, it sounds phenomenal.

MM: When it comes to your band’s evolving style, how does the Cutlass meet your needs?

RO: The Cutlass was a newer acquisition for me and on our previous records, I used my custom SingRay 4. I’ve done some demoing with the Cutlass since getting it, and have loved the response. The punch fights through the mix and just feels good.

MM: What are a few other aspects about the Cutlass you think other people should know?

RO: I think there’s a lot of bassists who go to the same instruments because a lot of other artists are using them. The Cutlass brings everything you could need to the table. The electronics are powerful, the sustain is fantastic and you can really take this bass in any direction. Whether I’m using all the overdrive, I can dial in or just keeping it warm and simple, I’ve never been happier.

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