Los Angeles based group, LANY released their second full-length studio album on October 5th, featuring hit single, “Thru These Tears”. Since forming in 2014, the indie pop band has seen their fan base steadily increase, as they are currently beginning a European tour, before coming back to the U.S. for a handful of shows in November and December.

With nearly seven million monthly listeners on Spotify and a recent appearance on the Today Show, LANY has fully arrived on the indie scene, combining melodic synths and clean aesthetic style to create a sound that is garnering mass appeal, paralleling their name (Los Angeles to New York i.e. LANY).

LANY’s Gear

LANY guitarist Charles “Les” Priest plays a St.Vincent HHH in Polaris White and a custom Axis Super Sport. LANY also plays with Ernie Ball Paradigm Regular electric strings.


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