Ernie Ball Music Man signature artist Jason Richardson has teamed up with Guitar World to give an inside look into his guitar playing techniques. In the latest episode, Richardson breaks down his elaborate six-string, two-octave arpeggio-playing techniques by demonstrating a modes-based application.


Richardson primarily utilizes a one-note-per-string approach, and further builds on how to achieve these arpeggios:

I generally prefer to not do any barring when moving from one note to the next, instead switching fretting fingers sequentially, as this eliminates any ringing together of consecutive notes. This approach results in some unusual fret-hand manipulations as I quickly pivot from, say, the index finger to the middle, then back to the index, or the middle to the ring to the index, as I play through an arpeggio shape.

Once you become accustomed to doing this, however, I believe you’ll appreciate the sonic benefits from what may at first feel a little awkward. Regarding the pick hand, I use strict alternate (down-up) picking technique as I ascend and descend across the six-string patterns. Just as eliminating barring prevents two notes from ringing together, avoiding the sweeping technique of dragging the pick across two or more adjacent strings in a single downward or upward motion will yield a cleaner and more precise performance, with clear articulation of each individual note.

The seven string shredder also features his guitar tabs within the lesson for easier navigation of these techniques.

For more details and a video of Richardson in action, check out the full article here.

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