Jared Dines may have faced his toughest competitor in his Youtube ‘Shred Wars’ series. Dines squared up with another Ernie Ball Music Man artist, Jason Richardson. Both were strapped with EBMM instruments and the results were insane. While both sides showcased their best licks, one of them admitted to having been overwhelmed at the end of the video. Watch the Shred Wars battle below to find out which artist came out on top.


Jared’s Gear

Jared Dines is playing a custom Stingray Guitar with a Cutlass neck. He also commonly plays on the Artisan Majesty guitar.

The Stingray RS


The Cutlass RS

The Artisan Majesty

Jason’s Gear

Jason Richardson used his custom Stealth Black Monarchy Majesty 7 String made with an alder body, buckeye burl top, and fitted with a roasted maple neck in the Shred Wars video. Find your Monarchy Majesty here.


Love Jason Richardson? Need more? Check out the Inspired By Jason Richardson exclusive video below.

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