Ernie Ball is proud to premiere a guitar play-through video from progressive metal quintet Oceans Ate Alaska.

Hailing from Birmingham, UK, James Kennedy and Adam Zytkiewicz came armed with their Music Man JP15 and JP16 model guitars to rip through their song “Covert” off their latest album, Hikari.

Watch as James and Adam take turns blending layers of their signature rhythmic dissonant runs with melodic leads, displaying both beautiful and heavy hitting themes.

Check out the play-through video for “Covert” below:

Oceans Ate Alaska’s album Hikari is out now via Fearless Records and you can get yours here.
You can also catch the guys and their guitars on tour starting November 1st. Grab tickets and other concert packages here.

Guitars & Strings:

James Kennedy and Adam Zytkiewicz play the Music Man John Petrucci guitar models, JP15 in Sahara Burst Quilt Top finish and a JP16 in Black Lava finish. They also play custom 12-68 and 13-72 gauge single string sets which you can find on our website via the Electric Single Strings page.

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