Phantogram is back in the spotlight and in a big way. After releasing their latest studio album, Ceremony on March 6th, the dynamic duo of Sarah Barthel and Ernie Ball Music Man artist, Josh Carter subsequently made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to promote two of their new tracks, “Dear God” and “Pedestal”. The deeply emotional pop/rock of Phantogram revolves around Sarah’s powerful vocals over their tenacious, booming beats, synths, and Josh’s captivating guitar riffs. Watch both performances below and stream/download Ceremony wherever you get your music!


Josh Carter is rocking out with his custom Cutlass guitars and hits the stage with his custom Armada. Josh and Sarah both stay equipped with Ernie Ball strings, Josh with his Regular Slinky electric guitar strings and Sarah with her Flatwound Group III bass strings.

Listen to Phantogram’s, Ceremony

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