Ernie Ball artist Stephen Egerton has been creating guitar tones that have influenced – and continue to influence – legions of pop punkers since the mid-eighties with his bands the Descendents, ALL and FLAG.

Egerton recently sat down with Premier Guitar magazine to talk about the most recent Descendents record, his influences, and his gear. He’s been playing a Music Man Axis guitar for nearly two decades, and has recently started playing a custom StingRay guitar with a single bridge pickup wired directly to the output jack, and no knobs of any kind. You can read the interview in full at the Premier Guitar website.

Check out Egerton’s influential guitar playing on Hypercaffium Spazzinate with this Spotify playlist.


Stephen Egerton plays Ernie Ball Music Man Axis and StingRay guitars. Learn more about the Axis and the StingRay, and find a dealer near you here.

Photo by Chris Kies

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