Legendary guitar player and Ernie Ball Music Man signature artist, Steve Lukather, met up with Premier Guitar for an episode of their “Rig Rundown” series. Steve talked with John Bolhlinger about his Ernie Ball Music Man guitars and gear before a Toto show in Nashville

Steve Lukather’s Ernie Ball Music Man Signature Guitars

In the video, Steve describes his current “No. 1” as the Ernie Ball Music Man LIII Ball Family Reserve loaded with signature DiMarzio Transition pickups and a +15 dB boost.  Also shown in the video is a custom EBMM LIII, “Sammy,” which is basically the same model but with a custom, one-off finish featuring images of Sammy Davis Jr and our CEO, Sterling Ball.

Listen to a full demo of the LIII BFR and head to Music-Man.com to find a dealer.

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