Ernie Ball Music Man artists, The Boxer Rebellion, recently gave an exclusive performance of their song “Big Ideas” at Guitar Center in Hollywood. They talked about the development of their new album and the challenges of any creative relationship.

“We ended up with this more daring sound and arrangement than we previously had.” – The Boxer Rebellion

The band plays Ernie Ball Music Man instruments, which you can explore below. Check out their latest album, “Ocean by Ocean” on Spotify now. You can also explore their upcoming tour dates, including European dates, here.

“Big Ideas” and “Let It Go” at Guitar Center

The Boxcar Rebellion Instruments

Albert Lee HH

The Albert Lee HH is an upgraded variant of the original Albert Lee model. Sharing the same modern retro aesthetics, the HH model comprises a lightweight African mahogany body, 25.5″ scale rosewood neck and fingerboard, giving the Albert Lee HH its signature rich warmth. Dual medium output custom wound DiMarzio humbuckers and 5 way switch deliver a full range of tonal options, from full on humbucker thickness to chimey clean single coil bite. The guitar in the video is a custom color.

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StingRay Guitar

The StingRay guitar features updated vintage spec humbucking pickups, a super smooth modern tremolo system and off-set lightweight African Mahogany body. The sound is big and bold when needed but smooth as glass if desired thanks to the perfectly voiced custom pickups. 3-way switch accesses versatile coil combinations while oversized 4 over 2 headstock with straight string pull provide superior tuning stability. Flawless craftsmanship throughout make the Stingray a perfect culmination of old world aesthetics and styling with modern design and playability.

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StingRay Neck-through HH

The StingRay neck-through series offers many of the same great features as its bolt on predecessors with more resonant construction and superior high register fret access. The neck through basses feature a 3 piece maple neck through ash body with a rosewood fretboard for plenty of sustain and a smooth, solid feel. The newly designed preamp provides a full and robust tonality while retaining excellent clarity and crisp attack. The bass in the video is a custom black sparkle with matching headstock.
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