Introducing the long-anticipated Jason Richardson Artist Series Cutlass in the 6-string configuration! And presenting the all-new Rorschach Red Buckeye Burl finish offering. The collection features innovative design characteristics crafted specifically for Jason’s exacting technique and the instrument’s unique features and aesthetics give players a fresh look at one of our most popular models.

Watching Jason Richardson play guitar will stop you in your tracks. Between his seismic riffs, lightning-flash solos, and melodic flair, this virtuoso is one of the most fiercely individual guitarists on the metal scene, blazing twin trails as a solo artist and in the lineup of metalcore titans, All That Remains. As a rule breaker and visionary, Jason called for a one-off instrument, and his Artist Series Cutlass collection is the only guitar that can take the focus off those quicksilver fingers. From hardware to electronics, this model spells revolution – but it’s the jaw-dropping Buckeye Burl top which means your Cutlass is truly unique.

The New Rorschach Red Finish

The new Rorschach Red finish highlighted with natural 3/16th inch wood binding, gloss finish, and gold hardware.

Demos & Reviews

See some of our industry leaders who recently demo’d the instrument and hear what they had to say…

Head to the Ernie Ball Music Man website here to find out more about the Jason Richardson Artist Series Cutlass collection.

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