The Ernie Ball Music Man Joe Dart Artist Series signature bass is a collaboration between our award-winning design team and acclaimed Vulfpeck bassist, Joe Dart. Featuring innovative design characteristics engineered specifically to Dart’s playing style, the Joe Dart bass takes a simplified approach — with a lightweight ash body, velvet natural finish, and svelte contouring that ultimately puts the player in charge.

The look of the one knob, one pickup, white on wood… I haven’t seen anything like it. We feel like we brought something new into the world.

Joe Dart

Less is more

The Joe Dart Artist Series signature bass is perfect for players who love simplified controls with a rich passive tone. The Dart bass features a lightweight ash body, 22 stainless steel frets, one humbucking pickup, and one volume control for a distinguished funky low-end punch and attack you won’t find on other passive basses.

Each body on his bass is unique and one-of-a-kind based on the different variations of wood grain that come through our factory doors. Add a set of Ernie Ball flatwound bass strings for that “old-school disco tone” and the Joe Dart bass is a minimalist masterpiece that ensures nothing stands between a bassist and their groove.

Order yours now on our website here.

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