Ernie Ball champions A Day To Remember were featured in Premiere Guitars Rig Rundown, which featured Music Man Artist Josh Woodard and his collection of Sting Ray Basses. The interview was right before an exciting show at Nashville Marathon Music Work’s.

Here is the Full Video:

Here are the Top Six Things We Learned:

#1 – ADTR Neil Westfall relies on Ernie Ball Strings Not Even Slinky for Drop Tuning.

Neil likes the feel of Not Even Slinky gauges on his signature model to keep the tension on his drop tuned guitars.

























#2 – Don’t Trust the audience with your gear.

Josh Woodard learned the hard way about trusting the audience with his main bass and they ended up tearing it to pieces and walked away with a souvenir.

Click below to hear the story.

#3 – Flame Roasted Necks have a great feel and Electronics all stock through his Kemper.

A recent trend thats been changing the game for artists has been roasted maple necks. Josh Woodard loves the feel of his Ernie Ball Music Man Sting Ray with roasted birdseye maple.

Click below to hear what Josh thinks about the Roasted Neck.

#4 – Josh Woodard likes his Ernie Ball Music Man Classic Sting Ray with Power Slinky Bass Strings. 

Josh loves the sound and feel of fresh strings.

#5  – EBMM Legend Mike Herrera inspired Josh Woodard to join the Ernie Ball Family.

“Mike from MXPX plays them, He is an awesome bass player. I was like yeah, I’ll try them out and I never looked back. They hooked me up, it has been an awesome relationship “


#6 – Kevin Scaff uses a combination of Beefy Slinky and a Custom Gauge for different drop tunings

Kevin Scaff likes Ernie Ball Beefy Slinky on his Drop C tuning and a Custom Gauge for his Drop A tuning.


Bonus Content:

Closer look at Josh Woodard’s Music Man Sting Rays:

Custom Classic Ernie Ball Music Man trans Sting Ray color with a slightly contoured body, stock electronics.









Stock Classic Ernie Ball Music Man Sting Ray with a roasted birdseye maple neck.

Get your Ernie Ball Music Man Sting Ray from your local dealer and check out the specs on our Ernie Ball Music Man website.


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