The Zac Brown Band took a trip from Atlanta, Georgia to the Big Apple to make an appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s tonight show Monday. The ensemble fuse country music with good old rock and roll. The band is full of multi-instrumentalists, bringing unique textures to their music.

The Zac Brown Band is currently on “The Owl Tour,” hitting up hot spots across the United States to perform their album of the same name. On the Tonight Show, the band performed “The Woods,” a cut off the album that bends their typical country sound by presenting pop-rock elements and anthemic choruses.

Throughout the track, you can spot Matt Mangano holding the entire thing down on the bass. With his Ernie Ball Music Man Ivory White Stingray5 Special, Mangano is able to bring an intense bass line that cuts through the mix and gets the audience moving. If you want to experience the thudding low end yourself, check out the official Zac Brown Band website for tour dates.


With all of their multi-faceted talents, the Zac Brown Band use a wide range of Ernie Ball Music Man instruments. In the video, you can see Matt Mangano grooving on his Stingray5 Special. When it comes to six-strings, the band has an Ivory White Stingray Special and a Glacial Frost Majesty on deck. They also stay equipped with Ernie Ball strings, going for Hybrid Slinky Cobalts and Regular Slinky 5 String on the bass, and Light Nickel Wound with Wound G strings on electric guitar.

Listen to the Zac Brown Band’s The Owl


Learn more about the Stingray Special with Matt Mangano below.


Featured image credit to Andrew Lipovsky / NBC

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