We’ve been seeing some great social media posts recently featuring players enjoying their Valentine guitars. We’ve rounded up some of the best (in no particular order) and included them in this rundown so you can see for yourself the variety of styles for which this versatile instrument is being well used.

1. Ryan “Fluff” Bruce

2. @destinypetrel

mornin’ riffs w/ @music_man @jamesbvalentine guitar 🎸and the @matthewseffects Architect Overdrive pedal

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3. @i_am_jesserdz

4. @soundaddiction

If you need me for anything I’ll be useless for a little while. #valentineguitar #ernieball #newguitar #tone #spanky

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5. Cooper Carter

6. @abi_guitar

My happy place . . . . #valentineguitar #ernieball #musicman #ambientmusic #allthereverb #strymon

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7. @samcollectives

8. @loggylunch

Nashville guitar hangs with @carlsonseth. #valentineguitar #tworock #kingoftone #echoplex

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9. Charlie Sorrel

10. @royzivmusic

this @sterlingbymusicman jv60 brings out the melodies. what do u guys think?

A post shared by Roy Ziv (@royzivmusic) on

11. @kgassette

Good heavens! #musicmanguitars #musicmanvalentine #ernieball #ernieballmusicman

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12. @yesterdaysnz

#ernieballmusicman #valentineguitar

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13. @snapperharmer

Bonus Content

James Valentine joined us for an episode of Ernie Ball: The Pursuit of Tone during the first season. Watch a clip from the episode below, and watch the episode in its entirety via DirecTV On Demand.

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