New for 2017 is the long awaited return of the Ernie Ball Music Man BFR series. We are rolling out limited quantities of super deluxe variations of the Axis Super Sport, the John Petrucci Majesty, and the Valentine signature model.

Each BFR model feature subtle tweaks from their standard models such as bold new colors and select tonewoods, making each one a unique work of art that are sure to be the crown jewels of collectors and lovers of fine instruments.

Axis Super Sport Trans Light Black:

The BFR Axis Super Sport features a host of upgrades over its standard model, instead of a basswood body with a maple top the Axis SS BFR comes with a natural unpainted mahogany body and select quilted maple top with translucent black finish.

The neck has been changed from Bird’s Eye Maple to African Wenge that is equipped with a bound ebony fretboard.

The Axis SS Trans Light Black is limited to just 26 pieces for the September 2017 BFR production run.

Majesty Claro:

The Majesty guitar has become synonymous with massive tonal versatility and pushing boundaries, but the Majesty Claro brings it to the next level with an expanded “shield” made entirely of highly figured flamed Claro Walnut, and like the Monarchy Majesty series features upgraded body wings of African Mahogany, all wrapped in a fine translucent burgundy finish.

Each signature model guitar comes with a signed back plate from the instrument’s artist. The Majesty Claro BFR has a limited availability of only 39 guitars.

Valentine Ivory White:

James Valentine’s signature Valentine guitar will have a special Ball Family Reserve version with a gorgeous all white finish, is adorned with a gold pickguard, and is furnished with gold plated tuning machines, pickups, bridge, and hardware.

Like the Claro Majesty the Valentine BFR comes with a back plate that is autographed by James Valentine, the Valentine BFR is limited to 89 guitars for the September production run.

Information for ordering each BFR model is available on EBMM’s Ball Family Reserve Website.

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