Introducing Ernie Ball Music Man MONO Cases. Ernie Ball Music Man is proud to collaborate with industry leader MONO due to its long history of design-driven innovation in the case manufacturing world. Each MONO Case contains custom molded foam, impact resistance rubber feet on the bottom and sides, and a soft plush lining that will provide outstanding protection for your instrument. In addition, an extra-large zippered storage compartment with a built-in organizer is easily accessible without opening the case. MONO Case handles are reinforced with a MONO-branded metal rivet and feature their signature orange trim as the finishing touch. Click below to learn more and find answers to some frequently asked questions.


Who is MONO?

MONO is the world’s leading design-driven case manufacturer.

Why the switch?

We are transitioning to MONO Cases because they are lighter in weight, provide more protection, and offer a more premium design for our instruments.

What is Sharkskin?

MONO Sharkskin is the name of the exterior fabric of our new MONO Cases. This fabric is created using a durable weft of man-made polymers selected for their fine and lightweight texture. Sharkskin is durable, lightweight, and water-resistant which makes it an ideal material for guitar cases. 

When will all Ernie Ball Music Man instruments begin shipping with MONO?

The rollout for specific models will be staggered. We expect to fully transition to MONO cases by end of summer in 2023.

Will the current case still be available?

The current style cases are being discontinued as we transition over to Mono Cases.

Can I order a standalone MONO case without the instrument included?

We are currently only offering MONO Cases with the purchase of an instrument, but we are looking into offering a standalone purchase option in the future.

Can I travel/fly with the MONO case?

Yes, to ensure the safety of your instrument we recommend always traveling with your MONO Case as a carry-on item rather than check-in. MONO Cases are not ATA approved. Please check with your airline for specific carry-on guidelines.

What is the warranty for MONO cases?

All MONO cases come with a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects. The warranty does not cover cosmetic damage or damage due to improper use.

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