Flogging Molly has finished their Life Is Good fall tour in the U.S. as of November 5th. Starting in December, they will begin their International Tour, beginning in the United Kingdom. Since the release of Life Is Good this year, fans have been eager to get to their shows, since the band’s last tour revolved around their 2011 album, Speed of Darkness. At the end of their American Tour, we managed to catch up with bassist Nathen Maxwell, for an exclusive interview on the performance of his unique, Ernie Ball Music Man StingRay bass.


Hear from Nathen Maxwell in the Q&A session below, where he highlights the 18-year relationship he has cherished with his StingRay bass. Need more of this group? Flogging Molly is hosting a cruise with more than 20 bands in April of 2019 that will sail around the Caribbean for three days. Grab your tickets by hitting the Salty Dog Cruise website. Visit Flogging Molly’s website to sign up for their newsletter and stay up to date with the bands progress along their tour.

Q&A: Nathen Maxwell From Flogging Molly

EB: When did you get your oldest StingRay bass?

Nathen Maxwell: I got the Cream StingRay I play from a display stand that Ernie Ball had set up on the 2000 Van’s Warped Tour.

EB: What is it about the StingRay that has made you hold onto it?

Nathen Maxwell: It’s a special bass. I own several different StingRays as well as many other great basses, but my cream StingRay just sounds and feels superior. It has become a part of me.

EB: Is the weathering on your StingRay natural, or did you relic it yourself?

Nathen Maxwell: All the wear and tear on that bass comes from touring and playing it nonstop over the last 18 years. Personally, I’m not into purposefully scratching up your new guitar to make it look old. If you play it long and hard enough, it’ll get that “relic” look. I think a great guitar deserves to earn its stripes by the person who plays it.

EB: Why do you think some people prefer worn looking guitars over brand new?

Nathen Maxwell: Guitars that have been played and loved over long periods of time can develop a soul that is very attractive to some people. My favorite example is Willie Nelson’s Martin N-20 “Trigger”. There is just something undeniably cool about a guitar that has been in the trenches and has the scars to show for it.

EB: How long have you been working with Ernie Ball / Music Man?

Nathen Maxwell: Since 2000.

EB: Any other comments?

Nathen Maxwell: It’s an honor to work with a family company that has as much integrity and high standards as Ernie Ball Music Man.

P.S. please make the Earthwood acoustic bass again!

Nathen’s StingRay Bass



Flogging Molly’s Strings

Flogging Molly plays with Ernie Ball Skinny Top Heavy Bottom Slinkys, Regular Bass Slinkys and Medium Light Everlast Coated Acoustic strings.

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Check out their most recent album, Life is Good, below on Spotify.

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