Introducing the latest episode of Ernie Ball Music Man’s Inspired by Stephen Egerton: “Method of Communication”. Journey through this film as it highlights how legendary guitarist, Stephen Egerton of Descendents channels his Ernie Ball Music Man StingRay guitar to write, record, and perform as he brings his music to life.

That’s kind of the trajectory of the guitar. There was never a point when it wasn’t apart of my life… I never for a minute wanted to do anything except be a guitar player.

Punk rock spoke to me, the person, and the confusion of entering teenage life… I felt like it was a generational connection. It was like, these are the people that I understand, I understand what these people are saying and what they are feeling.

Born in Utah, Stephen was instantly enamored with all things music, at an early age. Mostly listening to his parents’ record collection, Stephen gravitated towards the more diverse, unusual music of Frank Zappa, setting the stage for his entry into the wild and raucous punk rock arena. He formed various bands in and around the Salt Lake City area, playing guitar, drums and bass, which eventually led to the formation of Descendants in early 1986.

The thing that I’ve become most aware of over the course of time is that music is a part of a great continuum… I was massively inspired by a bunch of people, I’ve had the great fortune of inspiring a few others. That’s amazing, it’s a cultural force.

Descendants gained notoriety among hardcore punk fans around the world and have become a permanent fixture on the scene. Stephen has enjoyed playing and recording with other bands including ALL, Black Flag, Massacre Guys, and Slorder. Currently, you will find Stephen touring with Descendents in addition to recording and producing a number of bands in his home studio.

“Coffee, it’s just part of a Descendents thing.. it’s not unusual to walk into a place and go, “Can I have six espressos, just that.” And then we get up there and just play fast, and that’s part of our thing.”
I remember seeing Music Man guitars, I was like, man, every time I play one of these things it just feels solid. I ended up meeting some of the guys out on Warped Tour in ‘97… I would stop by and play the guitars and one day I asked them, “Could I maybe do a set with one of these one day,” they let me take one, and I’ve been playing their guitars for 18 years.

The Stingray Guitar

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Stephen’s Custom Charcoal Frost Finish

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