Steve Lukather recently published his autobiography, The Gospel According To Luke. The book goes deep into the creative processes he encountered with his band Toto, as well as dozens of big-name artists including Paul McCartney, Michael Jackson, Elton John, Bruce Springsteen, and many more. He begins with the story of Toto which, began as high school friends, developed into the most sought-after session musicians in the Los Angeles area, and ended up selling millions of records, winning several Grammys, and perhaps leaving the most influential imprint on pop music history. From dedicated episodes on successful shows like Family Guy and South Park, Weezer covering “Africa” on Jimmy Kimmel in 2018, and playing on nearly every pop album from the ’80’s, the group has done it all.

In a recent interview with Guitar World, they asked Steve what the most memorable highlight of his career was. His answer perfectly sums up the incredible influence he has had on dozens of albums.

There’s been so many of them. I’ve been in the room with some of the greatest artists, engineers and producers in the history of popular music over the last 60 years. It depends on the day. Is it Aretha Franklin sitting at the grand piano two feet away from me? Is it Paul McCartney standing there, or is it me jamming with George Harrison, Bob Dylan and Jeff Lynne? Then there’s Miles Davis, or standing there while Wayne Shorter makes me laugh as Herbie Hancock is taking a solo [laughs]. When I think about it I’m like, “How did this happen to me?” I can’t help but wake up and be grateful.

– Steve Lukather

Steve Lukather’s birthday is Sunday, October 21st. As a tribute, we will be spending the day blessing the rains down in Africa. Take some time to watch Steve and Ringo Starr play Toto’s “Rosanna” in Hamburg, Germany.


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