Five-time Grammy Nominee Hunter Hayes released his new single, “One Shot,” on August 24th. The song gives fans a highly-relatable view of his personal life. Browse the lyrics in the chorus and you will definitely have a flashback or two.

I started with one shot to have a good time. Everybody knows how easy one can turn into five. Don’t judge me, ’cause it ain’t nobody’s life but mine. And I only get one shot, so I take it one shot at a time.

We have a feeling “One Shot” will become a major party anthem for the multi-platinum selling country star. Hayes also released “Dear God” on August 3rd. “Dear God” is a hard-hitting song about Hayes contemplation of man’s complex relationship with his spirituality. If these songs are any indication of his upcoming work, expect the album to be bold and unapologetic.



Hunter Hayes also began a Youtube series featuring a drinking game he calls #nofilter. Each episode will include a different guest. They take turns making statements that the other must deem true or false. A wrong guess, and you get a shot. The first episode featured his friend and fellow Grammy-nominated musician, Dave Barnes.


Hunter Hayes plays with Power Slinkys, Skinny Top Heavy Bottom Slinkys, and M-Steel Regular Slinkys. He also plays an Ernie Ball Music Man Cutlass Guitar.

Love Hunter Hayes? Check out our exclusive Inspired By video with the man himself.


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  1. I’m a bit old school, and haven’t played in a while but can’t get it out of my blood, it will be in me for life, I started playing when I was 8 years old, was in 4 professional bands, but got married and wound up working in the steel industry. Bu t my passion has always been music, I put everything that happens to me in life around song, I hope that doesn’t sound to cheezy but it’s the Truth. When I was playing regularly i always used Ernie Ball super slinky, and finger ease on my guitars, just loved it, played like there was almost no strings on my fret board. I love your site and info, looking forward to visiting often. thanks for breathing life into this old picker.

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