Jared Dines and his group, Daddy Rock, released the official music video for their song “Alive.” The song is from their self-titled album, which was dropped September 4th. The entire video and recording were produced using solely instruments by Ernie Ball Music Man. You’ll spot Jared Dines using his Ernie Ball Music Man Majesty Artisan Series guitar and bassist, Anthony Cappocchi, using his StingRay bass by Sterling by Music Man.

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Jared’s Gear

Jared Dines uses his Ernie Ball Music Man Majesty Artisan Series guitar in this video. He also plays with a custom Stingray RS body with a Cutlass RS neck.

The Artisan Majesty


The Stingray RS


The Cutlass RS


Anthony’s Bass

Sterling by Music Man StingRay Ray 34


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