ADVISORY: This video contains explicit language.

Frontrunners in the genre of post-hardcore, Sleeping With Sirens, are back with their new album, How It Feels To Be Lost. After four singles over the course of the past few months, the awaited album has released to much praise from fans. The album features 11 tracks, one of which — “Never Enough” — containing a special feature from a fellow Ernie Ball Music Man artist Benji Madden of Good Charlotte.


This album has signified somewhat of a return to form for the band, bringing them back to their roots as a post-hardcore band after some experimentation with other sounds. But, the album is also about honesty, according to singer Kellin Quinn.

[How It Feels To Be Lost] is all about depression and anxiety. It’s something that I think needs to be talked about, and it’s something that I struggle with and deal with all the time. I wanted to make a record that was just purely honest about it, and I think that it’s for those people that need that record.


You can see Sleeping With Sirens live alongside fellow post-hardcore band Bring Me The Horizon by checking out their official website for tour dates near you.


Sleeping With Sirens guitarist Nick Martin pairs his Music Man Stingray and Armada guitars with Ernie Ball Not Even Slinky and Beefy Slinky strings. Bassist Justin Hills uses Power Slinky bass strings on his Music Man Caprice bass.

Listen to How It Feels To Be Lost

Header photo courtesy of Danny Todd | @dannytodd

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