Coachella 2018 Weekend 1 was full of incredibly talented live performances. We were happy to see a lot of love coming out for Rock N Roll artists this year including Ernie Ball Music Man’s guitarists who graced the Coachella stages playing the St. Vincent and Valentine guitars.

St. Vincent

Ernie Ball Music Man signature artist, Annie Clark aka St. Vincent, mesmerized the masses and made headlines with her brand new set which she debuted on Coachella’s Outdoor stage Friday night. Annie spoke backstage on the Coachella live stream, describing her new set as,

A blistering, disturbing rock show… a 180 with an entirely different creative concept with a full band.

Check out these live performance clips from Weekend 1 from Coachella’s official Youtube channel below:




During her new setup, Annie uses many different models of her signature St. Vincent guitar. Check out all of the St. Vincent signature instruments available on our website here and below.

St. Vincent Blue

Stealth Black

Tobacco Burst

Heritage Red

Polaris White


Patrick Greenaway of The Weeknd

The Weeknd delivered a set of hits and fan favorites from his original albums to the release of his My Dear Melancholy EP which came out just two weeks earlier. Ernie Ball Music Man artist Patrick Greenaway (the guitarist of the Weeknd) was spotted on stage playing his custom Valentine guitar on Friday night. If you missed it, you can see Patrick play live stream at Coachella Weekend 2 on the official Youtube channel here.


Patrick plays a Custom Ernie Ball Music Man Valentine guitar in Tangerine Tango. Get your hands on your own Valentine on our website.



Paul Klein, Jake Goss and Les Priest of LANY are quickly climbing their way to the top of the music world. Ernie Ball Music Man artist Les Priest of LANY was spotted playing the St. Vincent guitar in Tobacco Burst on Coachella’s Main Stage. Paul Klein told Coachella’s live stream backstage,

It’s so crazy. Two years ago, I was coming here as a spectator. Someone gave me a ticket, and I was standing in the VIP area watching M83 play the same stage that we’re going to play. It’s surreal.

Check out their exclusive behind the scenes interview from the official Coachella Youtube channel below and make sure to live stream their performance on the Coachella channel this Sunday during Weekend 2 here.


The St. Vincent guitar in Tobacco Burst is available on our website.

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