Our friends over at Guitar World have partnered with Ernie Ball Music Man artist and guitar legend, John Petrucci to bring you a 6-part series master class called “The John Petrucci Guitar Method“. In this series, John Petrucci presents a wide-ranging and highly personal lessons that cover everything from getting started on the guitar to effective approaches to developing his signature sound. Check out what each episode of this online master class has to offer.

Episode 1:  Why I Became a Guitarist/My First Riffs

In episode 1 of John Petrucci discusses why he chose to become a guitarist, and remembers what it was like starting out with absolutely no knowledge of guitar.

When I was young, I had this recurring dream in which I was onstage playing guitar. This was before I was ever in a band, but it drew me in, even before I knew what was happening on the instrument.


Episode 2:  Vibrato, Articulation and Palm Muting

In episode 2 of “The John Petrucci Guitar Method” John discusses the importance of vibrato, articulation and palm muting.

If you’re recording and you have headphones on your highly conscience of every little thing… these techniques of palm muting stop notes from ringing.

Episode 3:  Power Chords

In episode 3 John Petrucci discusses the importance of power chords and their slight variations.

You can go between two chords, (E to C) and do that in one position. The cool thing about that is it sounds a little more mysterious and darker because the E isn’t changing below so it’s creating a pedal tone vibe.

Episode 4:  The Petrucci Sound – 3 String Extended Power Chords

In episode 4 of John sits down with Guitar World to talk about 3 string extended power chords which is one of the key secrets behind his sound.

You have the big chords and you have the intervals. What I did was I took some of the intervals and those bigger chords and added notes just above those two notes.

Episode 5:  4 Different Ways to Navigate a Scale Position

In episode 5, John Petrucci demonstrates his 4 tips on the different ways to navigate through a scale position.

This is the way that I practice. I’m covering a few things at once and you can apply it to all different types of scales and all different keys. Thats the beauty about the guitar is that all of this stuff is movable everywhere.


Episode 6:  Scales on 1 String, 2 Strings, Playing in 3 Octaves

In the final episode, episode 6 of “The John Petrucci Guitar Method” John plays scales on one string, on two strings, and shows how to play in 3 octaves.

In order to be able to apply everything we’ve been talking about (in episodes 1-5) to the right key, is that you have to know where the notes fall and where they lay on the guitar. If you think about that in a much smaller sense then I think it will make much more sense.

John Petrucci’s Signature Monarchy Majesty Guitar

John Petrucci uses his signature Monarchy Majesty guitar in Black Knight in each of the Guitar Method Series episodes. Learn more about the Monarchy Majesty guitar on our website.

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  1. In the Guitar Method video series, John is clearly using the Monarchy Majesty in Royal Red, not Black Knight.

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