The John Myung Artist Series Bongo is a sleek, ultra-modern 6 string bass crafted and perfected to John’s exacting specifications. With over a decade long refinement process, John and the Ernie Ball Music Man engineering team have addressed a multitude of design features to further enhance comfortability, playability, and overall performance. Some key features include a simplified control layout with preprogrammed equalization, a perfectly balanced compact basswood body mated to a maple neck with 5 string nut width for tighter string spacing, and a golden ratio fretboard utilizing a combination of rosewood and roasted maple for an elegant aesthetic. This instrument is truly an artist inspired design that facilitates John’s needs as a performance artist and master technician.

We’ve been kind of searching with the developers to really find out what it is that I really wanted in a six-string, and this is the end result.

John Myung

The goal was to make something that was more playable. From the 2007 model, there was something about the initial spacing that felt too wide. And then over time it was just like, “Well, why don’t we just use the five-string width?”

John Myung

Occasionally, there would be some contact with the string and the magnetic pieces of the pickup, so I thought incorporating a pickup cover was … it couldn’t hurt. I think it actually helps the flow of the bass flow better, too.

John Myung

The John Myung Bongo is now available in the Ernie Ball Music Man Vault. Make sure to check out our financing offers, starting at $125 a month.

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  1. How often does John Myung change strings on tour? How long playtime does he have on one pair of strings?

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