Florida-based metalcore band Wage War is on fire right now. Their latest release, Pressure, dropped only a few days ago, finally delivering on the hype that has surrounded the release of their latest album for some time. The leading track off the album, “Grave,” has also been paired with a brutal music video focused on a theme shared with the entire album: rebirth.


Obviously it’s an extreme, but it’s about being caught up in a toxic cycle with people, and eventually, you just have to let them out of your life. That’s kind of what the song is about, that rest-in-peace of that friendship, relationship or whatever that toxic thing is. It’s just part of growing up. Your friends are fewer, but they’re better.

Cody Quistad on “Grave”

The theming of this music video is crucial because Pressure represents a new direction for Wage War — if you didn’t catch the Metal Monday post on Ernie Ball from last month, now would be the perfect time. Check it out to take a dive into the past releases of Wage War and see what they had to say about the process of their latest album.

Throughout the video, you can spot bassist Chris Gaylord rocking his Music Man Stingray bass. To catch Wage War on their international tour for the album, take a look at the dates on their official website.

Strings and Guitars

Bassist, Chris Gaylord, plays a Music Man StingRay four string bass with Power Slinky Strings and a .135 individual.

Guitarists Seth and Cody count on Ernie Ball Not Even Slinky strings with an added .080 individual.

Listen to Wage War’s Pressure


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