Kane Brown took Good Morning America by storm this week, putting on a full performance in New York’s Central Park for an amped-up crowd. Best known for their fusion between country and R&B, they performed four of their biggest tracks, including “Lose It” (as seen above), “One Thing Right,” and “Homesick.” Right by their side was well-known electronic producer and DJ, Marshmello.

If you thought that was surprising, get this — the concert was also broadcast live in a virtual reality app, making it the first performance of its kind.


Ripping up the low end across all of these tracks is Zach Hall. With his trusty Music Man Aqua Sparkle Stingray in hand, he was able to deliver the exact sound he was looking for. To check out more footage and full performances, head over to the Good Morning America website.


Zach Hall is rocking his Music Man Aqua Sparkle Stingray Bass for this performance.

Listen to Zach Hall with Kane Brown

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