Airing this week is a special 4-night event for the hit Cartoon Network show, Teen Titans Go, titled “The Night Begins to Shine.” Each of the episodes are centered around a soundtrack of 80’s retro-futuristic dance rock music written and performed long-time EB artist and veteran studio musician/composer, Carl Burnett.

For each of the tracks used in this 4-part television event Carl has used his vintage ’77 StingRay Bass to provide the bottom end. The unmistakable sound of the StingRay is featured heavily in the mix of each song, so keep an ear out for it.

Carl is one thirds of the music group B.E.R. (an acronym for the group’s members: Carl Burnett, Franklin Enea, and William Regan.) whose song, The Night Begins to Shine, was the center of two of Teen Titan Go’s highest rated episodes, and the song itself remained on the Apple Hot 100 list for three months.

The Teen Titans Go 4-night event has been airing all this week running from Tuesday August 1st until Friday August 4th at 6 P.M. on Cartoon Network. Catch the finale tonight!


The StingRay Bass is the gold standard for bass players worldwide. It was the first production active bass and continues to set the bar for bass tone.

Equipped with a bridge position humbucker and either 2 or 3 band preamp the StingRay is famous for its punchy, full-bodied, tone.

If you want to get the deep rich tone that Carl Burnett does, check out the StingRay Classic series. The Classic Series evokes the original line of Music Man basses with a 2-band EQ, slab body, and mute kit equipped bridge.

Classic StingRay 4

Video and Photo Credit © Cartoon Network 2017


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