The Modern Classics series of guitars have quickly caught on to become some of the most beloved models in the Ernie Ball Music Man lineup. If you’re still on the fence about what attributes each guitar has and which model is the right fit for you, this guide will get you on the right track.

Why the Modern Classics Series?

All the Modern Classic guitars were originally designed by Leo Fender and his crew during their days as the original owners of the Music Man company. Ernie Ball Music Man found these hidden gems and upgraded them for the modern age. We introduced player-friendly features like enhanced ergonomics, increased tuning stability, stabilized tremolo bridges, and our patented 5-bolt sculpted neck joint. So, you may be thinking: That’s all great, but which guitar best suits my needs? Read on and see.

The Cutlass SSS

The Cutlass guitar is the epitome of vintage guitar redefined. Featuring an alder body and maple neck with either maple or rosewood fretboard, the Cutlass oozes retro cool. It is wired with three custom Ernie Ball Music Man single coil pickups that are produced in-house, and are voiced to be reminiscent of famous ’60s guitars. Not only do the pickups provide all the chime, clarity, and spank of great vintage single coils, they have none of the hum or noise related to classic guitars due to Ernie Ball Music Man’s patented Silent Circuit.

Get this guitar if you need:

  • A classic guitar that is rock solid reliable, features better tuning stability and intonation due to the iconic 4+2 headstock, compensated nut, and Ernie Ball Music Man Modern Tremolo
  • Great sounding 1960s style pickups without the associated hum, and the versatility to play anything from country to surf to jazz

The StingRay Guitar

The StingRay Guitar has a unique offset body design reminiscent of classic early surf and rock guitars, but with a host of extra features that put it in a class of its own. With its African Mahogany body and dual humbucking pickups, the StingRay is not only lightweight and comfortable, it also has the ability to put out surprisingly heavy sounds.

Get this guitar if you need:

  • Fat humbucker sounds with superior clarity and the ability to get crunchy when necessary, thanks to their unique switching that features both series and parallel pickup wiring
  • A lightweight yet deeply resonant African Mahogany body that has excellent sustain, and an offset body shape that balances perfectly when playing in any position

The Cutlass HSS

Featuring the same body and neck shapes as the original Cutlass, the Cutlass HSS is armed with a humbucker in the bridge position, ensuring that you can deliver all the heavy rhythm tones you need while still being able to provide clean, soaring leads on the remaining single coil positions.

Get this guitar if you need:

  • The versatility of both a humbucker and single coil pickups
  • A lightweight guitar with enhanced ergonomics and ease of maintenance

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  1. I have an Albert Lee Limited Edition BFR with piezo acoustic saddles but without a tremelo, I don’t play it as I’m trying to sell it along with my Fender Custom Shop guitars.

    I’m very interested in buying a Cutless in Fiesta Red with a Maple neck, do they come with a maple neck? Or a regular Albert Lee with a tremelo.

    Music Man guitars are much better quality than Fender.

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