For more than three decades, every single Ernie Ball Music Man instrument has been meticulously crafted right here in our San Luis Obispo, California factory. From initial concepts and design work through milling, sanding, painting and ultimately setup, every piece receives the care and attention to detail that we would put into creating instruments for ourselves. We build tools for artists, and ours is a labor of love.

Our factory and adjoining headquarters, located on California’s beautiful Central Coast, has become a bit of a landmark for players who know and appreciate the quality of our guitars and basses. People regularly make pilgrimages to come and see the factory for themselves, only to find out that we aren’t open to the public. In order to give people the inside look they want so much, we’ve created this short film which brings you along on a tour through the Ernie Ball Music Man factory.

2017 Spring Collection

The Ernie Ball Music Man 2017 Spring Collection of instruments is now available for pre-order. Take a look at these guitars and basses, including the various new finish and hardware packages available, and find a dealer near you.

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  1. Been a fan since ’78 when I purchased a Sting Ray. My main axe for over 20 years.

  2. I’m totally digging on the mini tour. Got a bit buzzed in the finishing room. Fumes ya know. But how can I get a demo on that Bow Tie guitar? Looks totally cool. Love to demo on my channel for the guys.

    1. Sounds like you’re referring to the St. Vincent signature model, and it is indeed an amazing instrument. Send an email to [email protected], our Artist Relations manager. He’s your guy for that sort of thing!

  3. I am (humbly) blessed with the means to buy any guitar I would like. I’ve never seen a better guitar than my JP-15, made by anyone at any price. My old JP-6 with a good setup plays better than my guitar made by a well known custom shop.
    To purchase aMusic Man guitar requires a little commitment than other guitars, but by the time guys have bought 3-4 lesser guitars, they could’ve had a Music Man. There is nothing like opening the case of a guitar that makes you want to spend time with it.

  4. Recently bought a MM LIII with the HH setup and I have never tried such a fantastic instrument. It’s not just easy to play, people even say it looks so easy when I play it. The sound is from another planet! Thanks to the entire Ball family for serving the humanity with awesome instruments!!

  5. Gotta love the the guy in the Maiden T-shirt. He can build my guitar anytime! Seriously though, I own 8 MM guitars and they’re all spectacular. Great job, guys.

  6. I love your guitars!!! Just got my second one!! I was wondering if you had a factory showroom? where i could try out all of your guitar, my local guitar store only carried 5 or so models!1 What a hard choice!! They are all so awesome!

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