Our new guitar and bass models were the highlight of the 2016 NAMM show, with our James Valentine taking home a “Best In Show” Award. See the full list of instrument highlights below.

James Valentine Signature Guitar Wins “Best in Show.”

First off, we’re excited to announce that our James Valentine signature guitar won “Best in Show.” This is a HUGE win for the Ernie Ball Music Man team, and a testament to the hard work and ingenuity that went into the creation of this amazing instrument. Learn more about it here: http://musc.mn/1QqCZzS

James gave the audience a taste during his Pursuit of Tone Interview

Clay Cook from Zac Brown Band enjoyed the Buttermilk colorway.

St. Vincent’s Signature Guitar Wows the Crowd

The St. Vincent guitar is one of the most unique models we’ve ever created. And it was a hit! Learn more about it here: http://musc.mn/1Jiup6T

St. Vincent was all smiles during her Q&A with Sterling.
St. Vincent giving the fans a sample of her sweet new guitar.

The People Love John Petrucci

Our collaborative John Petrucci series is extremely popular, both in the US and internationally. At NAMM, we debuted the JP16, a gorgeous addition to the John Petrucci signature guitar family. See it here: http://musc.mn/1RFVaob

JP Hero
The John Petrucci Wall
A fan modeling the new JP16

Our New Vintage-Inspired Models Rock

We released several new guitar and bass models that take inspiration from vintage designs. Our StingRay and Cutlass guitars, Caprice and Cutlass basses, and 40th Anniversary “Old Smoothie” StingRay Bass were all popular with NAMM attendees.

StingRay and Cutlass Guitars

Joe Walsh was a big fun of our Cutlass guitar. Go to our website to learn more: http://musc.mn/1nsDnVa

Check out this StingRay demo, and head here for more info: http://musc.mn/1Pj3MRz

Cutlass and Caprice Passive Basses

The Cutlass and Caprice are Ernie Ball Music Man’s first fully passive basses. Here’s the Caprice with a new Ernie Ball strap. Our website has more info: http://musc.mn/1KD5mWY

Strap on Bass 2
New Caprice Passive Bass

Our new Cutlass! Learn more here: http://musc.mn/1nsDnVa

Cutlass Bass
New Cutlass passive bass.

40th Anniversary “Old Smoothie” StingRay Bass

The original StingRay bass was a favorite early model, so we decided to bring it back with a 40th anniversary release: http://musc.mn/1Uc9m6c

Sterling Old Smothie
Sterling Ball with the 40th Anniversary “Old Smoothie”

That’s it! Head over to the all-new Music-Man.com for info on purchasing all these incredible guitars and basses. See you next NAMM!

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