The StingRay Special bass is now available around the world and has already garnered widespread critical acclaim. Music publications, YouTube personalities, and instrument retailers have all given their expert opinion on the StingRay Special models and unanimously came to the conclusion that they are a force to be reckoned with.

After revisiting the history of the StingRay bass design with the StingRay Classic series and the 40th Anniversary Old Smoothie, Ernie Ball Music Man looked into new ways on reinventing the StingRay by incorporating a plethora of ergonomic and technological upgrades to the inimitable design. Check out some of the inner workings of the StingRay Special in our video:


Every single StingRay Special that leaves our factory doors is a statement of the quality and care we put into each and every instrument. The sculpted body, neck joint, and the highly refined internals have equipped the StingRay Special with the tools to provide bassists mastery over the bottom end.

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Ernie Ball Music Man CEO, Sterling Ball

To me there’s no better piece of art than a beautifully designed and built instrument. It wouldn’t be possible to do that without the blend of beautiful craftsman and well executed technology.

Tony Levin

“This is a very special bass, it’s my go-to bass, so I was fascinated when Music Man came out recently with a new version that offers all of the same things but more.”

Stefan Lessard of Dave Matthews Band

“I’ve always had basses where I feel like the groove zone’s not quite sitting where I want it to sit. As soon as I put the StingRay on, I’m like boom.. there’s the groove zone, okay got it.“

Mike Herrera of MxPx

“I started playing StingRays and over the years it just became more and more part of how we looked and how we sounded.”

Josh Woodard of A Day to Remember

“If I had a wish list on basses… they did it just naturally, stock. This is how it comes.”

– Influencer Reviews –

Documentary with Rob Chapman and Dave Hollingworth

Rob and Dave take a very close look into the lore of the StingRay’s past and the allure of the StingRay’s future. In this video there are all manner of unique Ernie Ball Music Man basses, as well as an in-depth discussion on the StingRay Special’s features.

Ryan ‘Fluff’ Bruce

Stevie T

Family Jules

Sean Daniels

Miki Santa Maria

Karl Golden

Eli Clark

James Simonson

Robert Kubiszyn

Filip Sojka

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