The Cutlass RS, Cutlass RS HSS, and the StingRay RS are an update to the original Ernie Ball Music Man Modern Classics designs that were originally produced by Leo Fender in 1975. Both guitars now come standard with figured roasted maple necks with ebony, rosewood or maple fingerboard. The flawless craftsmanship throughout these instruments create the perfect culmination of old-world aesthetics and styling with modern design and playability. Available everywhere worldwide. Learn more here.


Music publications, YouTube personalities, and instrument retailers have all given their expert opinion on the new Modern Classics models. See what everyone had to say.

Paul Riario of Guitar World on the StingRay RS

The StingRay RS has bold, brilliant character with glassy treble and rich bass that gives the guitar an aggressive voice.

Jared Dines on the StingRay RS

This thing shreds and is perfectly in tune.

Cooper Carter on the StingRay RS

Paul Riario of Guitar World on the Cutlass RS

Right out of the box, this could be my favorite Ernie Ball Music Man guitar.

Ryan “Fluff” Bruce on the Cutlass RS HSS

The weight is just about perfect… It really balances nice.

Billy Schneider of N Stuff on the Cutlass RS HSS

Cooper Carter on the Cutlass RS HSS

The Cutlass is a ridiculously fun guitar to play.

Anderton’s Music Co. on the Stingray RS and Cutlass RS

These guitars are just amazingly well built… everything is incredibly good.

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