The all-new Caprice and Cutlass basses are Ernie Ball Music Man’s first fully passive basses. For the uninitiated, active basses have built-in pre-amps that boost signal from the bass to the amp. Generally, this makes most active basses very up-front and clean in their sound. Passive basses, on the other hand, have no built-in pre-amps. All the sound coloration comes from the amp, or any other effects the bass is plugged into. This generally results in a more low-fi, old-school bass sound. Results may vary, but those are the general principles.

Caprice BASS Rev Our new passive basses are influenced by the vintage stylings of our new StingRay and Cutlass electric guitars, providing a familiar and classic design quality, but also modern playability. Both feature  brand-new body styles and a brand-new Ernie Ball Music Man bridge. 


The Cutlass borrows the popular Bongo neck shape.


The Caprice borrows the Sterling bass neck, which provides a great jazz feel.
Our engineers compared and contrasted a variety of the most sought-after pickups in passive basses, and hand wound dozens of prototypes until they found the exact tone they were searching for. Where our active StingRay basses provide a punchy and in-your-face sound, these new passive basses provide a warmer and mellower tone.
Cutlass 1200x800
Both models will be available in Black, White, Diamond Blue, or Heritage Tobacco Burst colorways.

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  1. will the new bass models be available in left hand?

  2. My workhorse is a stingray HS 5.
    Is love to get another Ernie Ball passive 5 string….is 5 string in the horizon?

  3. Ya, gonna repeat the 5 string query! Thanks.

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