We’ve noticed some questions about the electronics in our new Cutlass guitar, and wanted to provide more detail.

The new silent circuit utilizes our patented design, which maintains traditional passive wiring between the custom wound Ernie Ball Music Man pickups and the instrument’s volume and tone controls. The added benefits of the new design provide superior noise canceling and equips the pickup to perform at its utmost potential.

Ernie Ball Music Man’s proprietary unity gain buffer, which is implemented after the controls, transparently drives the instrument’s signal at a low impedance. This ensures any use of poor quality cables, effects, or other accessories in the signal chain do not negatively effect the pickup’s tone.

As a result, the Cutlass delivers the clearest possible signal to any rig. Head to our website to learn more about this vintage-inspired and versatile guitar: http://musc.mn/1VF52gx


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  1. That looks really great and back to Strat shape, which I like. The electronics sound good. Nice to look at one and see hoe it performs. Well done!
    Ps I notice Fender are using your truss rod adjust idea on newer bass guitars.
    Phil Hadler

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