We’re excited to officially introduce our first ever passive basses! The Cutlass and Caprice are the latest additions to the iconic Ernie Ball Music Man bass collection and continue our legacy of basses with classic tones in attractive and modern packages.

Passive pickups are the original pickup technology and have powered electric bass sounds for many classic recordings. Take a listen to the Cutlass and Caprice below and find a dealer to pre-order starting 7/1.

Ernie Ball Music Man Cutlass Electric Bass Guitar

The Cutlass bass features a rich, vintage tone surrounded by streamlined, modern appointments for ultimate comfort and playabilty. The Cutlass’s many great features include a old school split-coil humbucking design for that big round bottom end tone, a comfortable “C” shaped neck carve and a lightweight contoured alder body that fits like a glove.

Listen to demos below and pre-order here starting 7/1: http://musc.mn/2840acz

Ernie Ball Music Man Caprice Electric Bass Guitar

The Caprice bass is a bold new statement in passive design. A workhorse bass that is capable of blending two distinct pickup voicings offering a variety of tones suitable for any musical environment. This compact offset design provides a body shape that is comfortable and balanced along with a slim neck profile that makes this bass a pleasure to play.

Listen to demos below and pre-order here starting 7/1: http://musc.mn/1sqdhV0

Ernie Ball Music Man basses and Ernie Ball bass strings are the perfect match. Find the right bass strings for your sound here: http://ernieb.al/25Bwm8H

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  1. Hello gentlemen!

    These two basses are beautiful man! I already have them as screen savers in my phone! I was wondering, since the necks are from your Bongo/Sterling basses, if these ( Cutlass/Caprice) will be offered in a 5 string model. I already own two Sting Rays (fretted/treeless)but wanted a passive 5 string. Man if this is coming PLEASE let me know ’cause I’ll be all over these two babies!

    GBY all!

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