The Caprice and Cutlass basses are the newest additions to the legendary Ernie Ball Music Man bass lineup, and our first ever passive basses. Both deliver gorgeous designs, vintage tones, and the playability you’ve come to expect from our basses. But why should you buy one over the other? Each bass has its strengths and it will all depend on what you’re looking for in a passive bass. Read the breakdown below to get a better idea! pbass


While the Caprice and Cutlass share a similar design aesthetic, there are important body differences. Overall, the Caprice bass is slightly smaller (12-11/16″ wide, 1-5/8″ thick, 45-9/16″ long) and lighter (8 lbs. 8 oz) vs. the Cutlass (13-7/16″ wide x 1-5/8″ thick x 45-3/8″ long and 9 lbs). Neck width also differs at the nut, with the Cutlass’ at 1-5/8″ and the Caprice’s at 1-1/2″, for a slightly thinner feel.

Caprice Bass
Cutlass Bass


The Cutlass features an old school split-coil humbucking design, for a big round vintage bass tone, fat bottom end and juicy mids. The Caprice bass features a tighter bottom end with a throaty midrange and cutting top end.  The split-coil humbucking neck pickup is uniquely designed for the Caprice and is complemented by an inline humbucking bridge pickup.  This allows players to blend two distinct pickup voicings for additional tones.
Caprice Bass
Cutlass Bass


The Cutlass features 250k ohm volume and tone pots with a .1µF tone capacitor.
The Caprice features independent 250k ohm neck and bridge pickup volume controls and a 250k ohm tone control with a .1µF tone capacitor.

slide-63 (1)
Caprice Bass
slide-62 (1)
Cutlass Bass


The Caprice and Cutlass basses deliver superb passive tones, each in their own distinctly classic voice. We can show you better than we can tell you, so listen to the demo videos below, and then order your favorite at

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