GRAMMY award-winning artist, St. Vincent, has always been captivated by guitars. At an early age, she was awed by Ritchie Valens’s red Strat in “La Bamba” and begged her mother for a plastic replica. She drew pictures of guitars, and built her own out of cardboard and rubber bands. When she inevitably began playing a few years later, she says she was “blown away” by the ability to recreate the sounds of her early favorites like Nirvana and Pearl Jam.

“Guitars were my full, full obsession,” she says.

Making the St. Vincent

Ernie Ball Music Man knows a bit about guitar obsession, and when St. Vincent brought a rough design sketch, our team was excited at the opportunity to build something unique and personalized. Now, after months of hard (but fun!) work, we’re extremely excited to announce the release of the St. Vincent signature guitar. STV crop

“It had to be the kind of guitar that you pick up and you don’t want to play any other guitars,” St.Vincent says. “It’s my favorite guitar to play. It’s the only guitar I’ve been reaching for since I got it.”

Hear It In Action

Watch the below videos to hear the guitar in action, and to see how this unique instrument came about. Then, head to our website to learn more about ordering:

Making of The St. Vincent Ernie Ball Music Man Signature Guitar
Clean Tone
Fuzz Tone



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