The Cutlass and Caprice basses are Ernie Ball’s first-ever fully passive basses, and they’re already becoming popular with some of today’s hottest bassists! On Vans Warped Tour, Ian from New Found Glory, Kelen from The Story So Far, and Hayden from Crown the Empire were all spotted rocking our latest vintage-inspired instruments. Check out pics below + a playing video from Ian!

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Ian from New Found Glory

Ian + Diamond Blue Cutlass

I bet you wish you were this ugly (📷 @parisvisone) #SanFran

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Hayden from Crown the Empire

Hayden + Diamond Blue Cutlass

Kelen from The Story So Far

Kelen from Story So Far trying out Cutless Bass
Kelen + Ivory White Cutlass

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  1. Is this the correct answer to Fender’s Custom Shop P bass guitars? I thought the Classic 4 Stingray with the through body configuration was it. But I’m constantly confronted with the correct length strings for this bass. Is “through body” strings that LaBella has an option for the proper string length? Does this Cutlass remotely equate to vintage Fender P basses made in the early to mid 60’s which I one time had three. They were so cheap for used which I buy exclusively — $250 tops for a 57 P, a 61 Jazz and a 64 P. The 57 had a black as coal ebony fingerboard and was bad ass. But the business changed, I got older, went into a regular day gig for 20 years, sold off all the Fenders which that were selling less than $1000 each in the 90’s and within the past 4 years have had this EB MM Stingray Classic 4, natural finish, birdseye maple neck and through body bridge. To get a more authentic high output passive electric bass that’s got some MoTown funk, that is appropriate for all genres as the 57 P bass was (Blues, pop, funk, country, Gospel, jazz, folk, electric folk — I mean EVERYTHING that P bass was THE sound and remains so to this day) I’m hoping I can transform my Stingray to be that. But I’m stupid about strings. I’m putting on LaBella $760FS — .045, .065, .085, .105 –Through Body and is this correct for my Stingray? Please help!

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